Friday, 5 April 2013

Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter Updated - New Greens and already over 1/3rd the way there!

By Harold

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update for the Ghosts of Hefei kickstarter (I did an interview with one of the designers here).  They have already passed the 1/3rd mark and have posted up some new 15mm and 28mm greens:

They've also added a "modified" $100 15mm pledge:

From our comment section:
If you just want the 15mm figures, you can swap out the 28mm figures for four additional 15mm sets and two more copies of the book. So for your $100 pledge, you can get six 15mm sets, three copies of the book,a t-shirt, the pdfs and one of every stretch goal. Its enough for your whole gaming group to get into it, if you're a 15mm fan.

You can indicate your figure preferences in the backer survey at the end of the drive.

That's quite a good deal, and one that i'm going for myself.  It's a great way to get a group involved and, if everyone chips in, it's minimal cost for a bunch of stuff!

They've also added a bunch of pledge levels that get you copies of their last game, The Department, as well.

Head over to their kickstater page today and check it out:


  1. It does not look good for their world-building credibility that they set their game in the PRC, but use Traditional Characters instead of Simplified in writing the Chinese on their Kickstarter page.

  2. Finding font sets for Simplified might not be as easy and as they are headers for marketing purposes, the visual effect of Traditional might be more eye-grabbing and effective.

    As for their world-building credit, they are building a science fiction miniatures game set in the future of Earth with robots and super hackers, not a historical drama. I'd be willing to cut them a little slack.