Thursday, 4 April 2013

New HOF-FT Bundle and SFA Single Castings from 15mm.Co.Uk

by Chris

15mm.Co.Uk has released an updated Dropship Horizon Bundle Offer for the HOF Fire Team game system.

Just like the previous offer, this one includes the rulebook and all three of the beautiful HOF-FT tile sets. But where the previous bundle included two free packs from a single faction, the new deal includes opposed forces for your first games - the popular Cultists (pack HOF56) and the freshly-released Security Forces Alpha (pack HOF96). I think Gavin picked some real winners with these packs... the new bundle is a great way to introduce someone not only to HOF-FT, but to the world of 15mm Science Fiction in general. Even someone who is firmly rooted in a different scale (or time period) can be tempted to pick this up as a standalone game.

And speaking Security Forces Alpha... due to popular demand, they are now available as single castings. This will allow you to pick and choose your own fire-teams and squads (perhaps to round out the free infantry pack with your HOF-FT Bundle?), or grab a handful of the casualty figures to use with your Medical Teams, as rescue objectives, or any other scenario goal.  
The single castings are a great service, something that I really appreciate from 15mm.Co.Uk. At least three times now, I've picked up single castings just to get a taste for a faction or try out a paint scheme... only to go back later and grab several full blister packs. It's also a great way to add character figures to other infantry ranges that might be in your collection - in 15mm, a matched uniform is usually just a paint-job away. 

Check back next week for more about Security Forces Alpha, including a variety of sample paint schemes, and an interview with designer Gavin Syme.


  1. I'll be investing in quite a few of the individual Security Forces Alpha troops to use as an alternative Hammer Slammers mercenary unit, they just look the part with their enclosed helmets and partial body armour over fatigues. I don't often get overly excited about gaming figures these days but for me these are an exception...

    1. Thanks Zac!

      We got so many emails from viewers of this blog asking for the single poses to be moved forward to release that I agreed. Now there is crowd power.


  2. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for the posting!

    I am working on your questions now and I hope the readers are interested in the responses. Thanks for asking me.

    Currently the highest selling single SFA miniature is the kneeling trooper with the heavy laser from the Support pack.


  3. I normally hum and har over buying miniatures especially if it entails stating to collect a new range of figures but this time around it was a no brainer for me. Now i have three new forces on the go as well as a couple that still need to be finished, will i ever learn or more to the point will my bank manager be so understanding about my little addition...