Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rebel Minis Spring Sale - Final 24 Hours

by Chris

Just a quick reminder that Rebel Minis' annual Spring Sale will conclude tomorrow.

It's the perfect excuse to pick up a pack or two of the PF-sculpted Pangalactic Legion, or the other alien races such as the Brog Empire, Manth, Vott, or the Shalur Mercenaries.

These are all great opponents for the old favorites like the Sahadeen, the Earthforce Marines, Homeguard, and Drop Troopers, and my old favorites - the Titan Marines. Many of these are also available in 5150-themed Starter Platoons

And we can't forget the vehicles and mecha, such as the Titan Dropship, the Titan and Earthforce HAMR Suits, and the already-underpriced VIPER mecha.

There are also some nice gems hidden among the other Rebel ranges, such as the Steampunk Adventurers and the Post-Apocalyptic Riders and Gangers. I'm going to use this sale to pick up something that has always been on my personal wishlist - the Alien Raptorz.

So head on over to Rebel Minis, and help me flood Rebel Mike with a bunch of last-minute orders! 

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