Saturday, 3 May 2014

Charging Into Battle

New Vehicle From

By Eli

This week, released the Charger. First released at Salute, this compact, versatile model is now available for general purchase. Featuring different weapons and turret top options, the Charger can be used for anything from a military transport, urban law enforcement, or hostile environment transport. The classic, box shaped hull lends well to any number of rolls and the wide turret ring will allow for not just the standard pieces made for the model but plenty of conversions.

For more information, head on over - HERE


  1. The first paint job is fun but the second is gloriously grimy. I like this little guy, though I don't know what my own take on it would be.

    1. Thanks. We painted up a total of four and three of them are on the website. Its an excellent vehicle for almost any paint scheme. If you do get one and paint it up I would like to see what you do.


    2. Thanks Eli. I thought your Skorath went well with the Galactic Rim paint scheme, its wild out there. All orders will ship on Tuesday once the MayDay holiday weekend ends today.