Friday, 23 May 2014

Look to the Skies

New Heavy Combat Cyberform from Loud Ninja Games
By Eli

I am happy to announce the first new release to my Chuhuac range since the Kickstarter - RAP012 Heavy Combat Cyberform.

This miniature represents a larger, more capable version of the light flying cybernetic drone that accompanies the Command Section from RAP03. It is used for longer range, more detailed recon, target acquisition and communications missions. 

In addition to RAP012 a new sub-code for RAP03 is available that allows you to purchase 6 of the Light Combat Cyberforms separate from the Command Section pack. Use these to expand your drone network to cover a wider area of the board, coordinated through your Heavy Combat Cyberform.

For more information and background, read - HERE.


  1. Searching dropship blog, found your blog, not what I expected, but your figures look really cool! :)