Thursday, 29 May 2014

Slicing Through the Air

New V105 Saber Flyer from

By Eli

One of the coolest things that decided to do was to remaster some of their wonderful, albeit aging scifi vehicle models, refreshing the models and giving them renewed life moving forward into the future. The latest in this line is the V105 Saber Class Jet Flyer.

An all white metal kit (many of the remasters have incorporated rein & metal), this is the perfect vehicle for your light flight duties. Whether it is a military scout, law enforcement or even just a space colony runabout, this two-seat, open cockpit VTOL craft will fit the bill. 

For more information, read - HERE


  1. That is quite a unique and good-looking model.
    One I certainly must add to my collection.

  2. Nice design. I'd like it even more with pilots, did crew figures ever come with it? I'd be tempted to make it a single-seater for a Prang, it seems to suit their little Snoopy flight helmets.

  3. I wonder if my seated hell divers will fit in there :) I have one on the way so I'll find out soon!

  4. I have to agree that pilots would help this model. Separate purchase would be okay, so that you could chose which faction you wanted to place in it.

    But it's a cool little VTOL, for sure.

  5. Kinda reminds me of one of H. Beam Piper's "Air Cav" mounts. Could look great with pilots and a weapons/sensor pylon.

  6. Thanks Guys. See the Laserburn page on for the seated Law Officer, Imperial Trooper, Redemptionist codes for pilots and its a simple conversion to a Laserburn civilian to make him a pilot sitting. This was the original 1980's intention and its still the same now. If they do Mr Harold I would love to see it.