Friday, 2 May 2014

Darkest Star Kickstarter - Final Week

By Eli


Darby at Darkest Star Games has reached the home stretch of his Kickstarter campaign for new vehicles and infantry for his scifi range. The main goal (above) has funded and is about half way to the first stretch goal which will add an additional vehicle design to the project (below). Additional stretch goals will bring more vehicles, infantry troops and an entirely new faction of vehicles (bottom).

Kh'Lrion and Kh'Lrian

Having purchased some of Darkest Star's other offerings and seeing the sorts of new, innovative and interesting designs that Darby comes up with for his line, I am excited by the prospect of seeing this Kickstarter not only succeed, but do well. If successful 15mm science fiction will gain a host of excellent vehicle designs as well as some top notch infantry.

Venturian Infantry stretch goal

So, check it out and give it a push. You can get in with as little as $1 and still have access to add-ons or start with a dedicated pledge of $18 and add on more later as well. As with most Kickstarters the more you pledge, the more there will be and the more you can get!


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