Saturday, 21 February 2009

SPARTAN Blue Team, Life etc.....

I've been chained to my desk at work this week with my eyes burned into the PC screen whilst I analyse and filter just under a thousand 'benefit realisation opportunities'. In non-management doublespeak that's making improvements and budget savings to you and me. In an effort to keep me focused and able to concentrate in a crowded and noisy office environment I plugged myself into my iPod. I found that 'Armoured Prayer' from the Gears of War 2 soundtrack sets me up for the day as I wait for my PC to boot up and log in to the network, whilst 'Hold Them Off' from the same soundtrack is perfect for ploughing through the Marks & Spencers foodhall on a Friday lunchtime.

Some of the Ibiza Chillout tracks remind me of the incidental music in Mass Effect. One of my favourites is Motion Theory (North Star Remix). Recommended. If you played and enjoyed M.E. then this will conjur up all of your favourite firefights once again.

So, you can imagine, it's been a blessing to get home and pick up the paintbrush. However, my eyes were too tired to achieve much on either of my free nights after a day staring at Excel spreadsheets. Last night I chose to unwind with work colleagues in the
'Still and followed up at home with a couple of bottles of Magners - not a good idea to paint (operate heavy plant or drive) after a couple of Magners!

Nevertheless, finished my 15mm Spartan Blue Team earlier in the week, who are so cool they will henceforth be known as the
'Reservoir Spartans'. I'm so impressed by the result that a platoon worth of RAFM Mid-Tech Infantry (Pack No.2) has been earmarked to be painted in a similar fashion - Citadel blue wash from head to foot, gold visor and only the most prominent smaller details picked out (maybe).

I had originally thought of two platoons of Mid-Tech grunts, but once you tally up your SPARTANS, add the odd 'Hammer of Dawn' style Orbital stike, there's not much change left for grunts in FWC.

Meanwhile, I've decided upon a different camo scheme for my Cimmerian Mech. Popped into the local Games Workshop across from my office in Aberdeen, where the guys are really friendly and helpful. Spoke to the 'Tank Guy', exchanged some ideas and came away planning to test my mettle on these little buggers again next week.

SPUGS are waiting to be painted on the dining table this morning - I've decided to paint 6 packs of them today as a 'quick win'. Heather is making Marmalade - one day a year is given up to the smell of boiling oranges and she will appreciate the company in the kitchen. Another if vicarious 'win'.

My plans today have been thrown slightly, having walked up to the local Post Office to pick up a small package from GZG which arrived earlier in the week. I ordered one of the new 8 Wheeled MICV's to keep me going till I get my December overtime at the end of the month. Oh, it's good. Really good. Full of 8 rad Panzerspahwagen functionality and badness!

Included in the box, Jon had very kindly sent me a few samples of his forthcoming 15mm infantry releases. Oh my God! And lot's of phrases with an 'F' and 'Brilliant!' You are absolutely going to rate these figures. With excellent miniatures waiting in the wings from GZG, Rebel Minis and Khurasan, believe me, everything you had previously known and expected from 15mm Sci Fi miniatures is going to change in the next couple of months.

Not much in the way of reading this week. Began Horus Rising by Dan Abnett. A novel tied into the W40K universe. Heather bought a couple of these for me as a little extra Christmas gift. Now, I've never played W40K, but have played Dawn of War on the PC. From that experience which I did enjoy and found quite immersive, I'd say that the book certainly lives up to it's W40K background and in many respects is better than Ghosts of Onyx in achieving this. Sorry, I couldn't quite relate to a SPARTAN simply called 'Tom'. I mean 'Tom'! As Sci Fi military fiction goes, Horus Rising is a decent read so far and has distant echoes in my mind to first reading Heinlein's Starship Troopers, oh so long ago.

Having watched me complete the 'Reservoir Spartans', Heather took a turn at painting miniatures . She chose to paint some GZG armed heavy vacc suits with the Citadel red wash, gold visors and 'gold', yes 'gold' weapons. "Just because they are in space doesn't mean they can't be in touch with their feminine side". Whilst they may now match the curtains, I have to admit, not too bad a job at all.

Right! I have Spugs waiting......


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