Monday 23 February 2009

Kitbash of the Week No.4

GZG's latest 8 Wheeled MICV, V15-51A partially assembled on my painting board. It's a substantial model 70mm long, 35mm wide and approximately 35mm tall when fully assembled. About the same size as QRF's BTR80 APC.

I like the boxy light weapon turret (with gatling and missile pod) and have used it as the basis of my latest Kitbash of the Week. Maybe this week we should call this feature doodling with armour!

First up! My favourite tankette! Surely a film starring Daniel Day Lewis? In the photo above we find the MICV's light weapon turret matched to the QRF's MT05 AMX13 hull, which gives us some serious recon firepower! Though in FWC you might as well have two guys strapped to a Penny Farthing as your recce element! Never mind, this kitbash creates a nice Mid-tech fast tank suitable for jolly scrapes on newly colonised worlds.

In this photo, I've put the MICV's light weapon turret .in place of the gun system of GZG's V15-03A GunCrab quad walker. It's not a great fit, but it works better than the photo suggests. I am wondering though about the turret from GZG's V15-38A Tracked Heavy Fire Support Vehicle with Light AA cannon?

Whilst I had this spare GunCrab set up, I tried out the remote turret from GZG's V15-44A High-tech Grav Light APC/scout vehicle. Yeah, it works to a degree but is just too small for my personal liking. The Guncrabs are incredibly versatile pieces of kit and deserve more attention. It can fulfill a multitude of roles including remote or semi-autonomous weapons platform and even as an alien tank! More about them in later posts.


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  1. I love that light gun turret. I may have to pick up a few for conversions. The Gun Crabs have had my eye since the beginning, but I have yet to pick any up. I just don't have a place for them in my current forces. Maybe when I expand beyond my Chinese and Indian forces.