Monday, 2 February 2009

Kitbash of the Week No.2

Hykranian BMP2R

I've decided upon a Neo-Soviet feel for my FWC Hykranians. Therefore Kitbash No.2 demonstrates what can be achieved by mixing and matching between manufacturers. A Hykranian BMP2R.

Once again we see the hover skirt from GZG's V15-15A, the hull from V15-43A, but in this case the turret comes from a QRF Soviet/CIS BMP2. A little while back, Geoff at QRF was happy to sell smaller parts such as this turret for £1, to stimulate and encourage kitbashing, but it's worth checking if you feel inspired to ensure this option is still open.

There's a small hole in the top of the turret for a Soviet Spigot(?) Missile, but I thought it could be better used for either one of the GZG radar/sensor options or the Missile System, which is available separately as V15-ACC3.



  1. How well do the parts from the different kits fit together? I have been considering mixing and matching bits from GZG's range but have been hesitant do to the lack of good info on cross-compatibility.

    I love how you mix real vehicle parts with the sci-fi.

  2. Thanks Eli!

    You'll like tonight's kitbash then! Your own WW2 M20 a/c hover kitbash is brilliant!

    To be honest, the potential to mix and match between GZG kits varies between models. Whilst some parts, such as tank turrets may physically fit another model, they may simply not look right.

    If there are any particular potential GZGGZG mix and matches you've been thinking about let me know and if I have the kits I'll let you know if I've tried it myself or will test it for you.


  3. Thanks for the compliments on my conversion. BTW, if you attempt this yourself, do not use green stuff. It was very hard to work into shape. On later vehicles I used DAS clay and it was much easier to work with. Also I have had great luck with Procreate's grey stuff.

    I have often wondered if a line of precast hover skirts or modular skirt sections could be devloped for converting conventional vehicles to GEV.

    I don't have any specific mix and matches in mind, though I am wondering how the various weapons systems mix with the four-legged walkers.