Friday 13 February 2009

The 300 second SPARTAN

Following the Master Chef's excellent stats for HALO SPARTANS in FWC, I couldn't help but set myself a mini challenge of painting a 15mm SPARTAN in 300 seconds or less using the Master Chef's painting guide.

I pulled a GZG New Israeli figure from a pile waiting for a desert paint job. There was no flash or mould lines to remove, so a quick wash and he was ready.

Two coats of Citadel's Thakka Green Wash. quick wipe of Gold across the visor, Bolt Gun Metal for the rifle and Emporer Dandruff Grey or similar for the gauntlets, followed by a quick black inking of the rifle anf gloves. Quick, easy and bloody effective - this figure looks superb!

I'm off to work right now, so no time to blether....just enjoy the eye candy!

GZG 15mm New Israel, now a HALO SPARTAN-III

Green wash on bare metal

pre-black inking for the rifle and gloves



  1. Great job and it turns out nice. I like the wash on metal. Looks good. And at less then 5 min per, you would finish an army in one night.


  2. Wow, that does look great!
    I need to try that!


  3. I just did 32 of these guys using Mark's idea. I now have a Red Team, Blue Team and Green Team of Spartans. Great idea that was fast and easy.