Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blue Suns: Mercs for Tom. War

Blue, blue, blue, I have blue on the brain at the moment. Been sneaking in an hour or two of MASS EFFECT 2 late at night over the last week. The result: painting a couple of squads of GZG's L-UNSC for Tomorrow's War as Blue Suns Mercs.

In the MASS EFFECT universe the Blue Suns are a "private security organization". They wield a power and influence more in common with an interstellar Yakuza than a pure "credits for guns" mercenary outfit.

Blue Suns (platoon)
Confidence Level: High
Supply Level: Good
Tech Level: 2-3 Networked Command (Grid): Sometimes (TL3)
Body Armor: Armoured +1D/+2D some 'Tech' energy armour +3D(?)
Troop Quality/Morale: D8-D10

Trooper: TL2/ Armour +1D/ Morale D8/ Assault Rifle or Assault Shotgun
Heavy:  TL2/ Armour +1D/ Morale D8/ deployed in a squad support role ML -77 Missile Launchers (MSW+2D)
Pyro: TL2/ Armour +1D/ Morale D8/ M-451 Firestorm Flame Projector

Legionnaires: TL3/ Armour +2D/ Morale D10/ M-15 Vindicator Assault Rifle
Centurions: TL3/ Armour +2D/ Morale D10/ M-15 Vindicator Assault Rifle or M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotguns
Commanders: TL3/ Armour +2D/ Morale D10/ M-76 Revenant light machine gun (MSW+1D) or M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun.

GZG 15mm Sci Fi
L-UNSC currently being painted as Blue Suns

The Blue Suns also make use of 'Freelancers' as disposable cannon fodder. Freelancers are paid 500 Credits for a mission and expected to supply their own armour and weapons.

Freelancers: TQ D6-8/ Morale D6-8/ Confidence Low-Confident/ TL2/ Armour +1D/ Assault Rifle



  1. Ahhhh Mark.
    You always find the sexy units!

  2. I can dig it, now you need to set up Blood pack and the Eclipse