Sunday, 12 September 2010

Once Upon An Angel......

A recent thread on TMP sparked this post.

I can take or leave DR WHO these days, but I really did like some of the imagery in the The Time of Angels episode from the latest DR WHO series. I enjoyed the ALIENS (1986) feel to the epsiode and found that the premise of the soldiers being fighting clerics resonated with me. More so because they were equipped with modern battledress rather than clerical habits or fancy Sci Fi'ish armour with flutes, flanges and flowing cloaks. It was a down to earth "We fight evil. It's a dirty job and someone's got to it" kind of approach.

Father Octavian, Bishop Second Class, and his troops of New Byzantium (my interpretation here) would make a 'different' Sci Fi force for TOMORROW'S WAR, or even ASqL2.0 in the mould of interplanetary Knights Hospitaller.
Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum
Even the motto gives you a sound background and motivation for the force. Scenario ideas are beginning to flood already. Must definitely get those Micropanzer Aliens!

Back to the Weeping Angels...... OK, a scenario for TOMORROW'S WAR or AMBUSH ALLEY, capitalising on the ideas from TMP member Ericassassin who felt the Weeping Angels could be classed as:
"Hostiles with built-in turn-based behaviour. Could make for very interesting games. Watch your lines-of-sight and pray that your characters don't fail their blink-test." 
These two sentences were simply inspirational for creating the vision of a game in my mind. In Tom.War terms we're talking a Quality Test for the 'Blink Test'. If Amy Pond and you know who are not your thing, then leaving behind any reference to DR WHO, a similar game could be achieved using these ideas with Khurasan's Space Demons, the hammerheads especially, in a setting inspired by PITCH BLACK (2000).

Right!.... A pop painting challenge! 3-4 fireteams of New Byzantium Cleric Troopers, a TOE and TomWar stats by end of tomorrow night.



  1. You know - this one might just work! I mean, I've never really liked the inquisitorial, cult of the emperor in 40K but this strikes me as a viable alternative. tread the line between the armed wing of the C of E and cod latin. while looking for footage on youtube for Winter79 i found a mad swedish band called Sabaton; one of their songs is "Primo Victoria" - oddly about DDday....but it has a line, "as we march through hell, to reach the gates of heaven". hows that for the chant of an army of alien hunting warrior priests?

  2. You star Maff! Love the chant!


  3. Very cool premise. I'd have to go with a slightly more "knightly" route instead of a set of ultramodern infantry... maybe using the Idirion Legion from Blue Moon as the traveling warrior priests. Something that implies knightly without actually being knightly.

    I have run the Pitch Black scenario using Mutants and Death Ray Guns. Rebel Minis alien raptors make me want to run it again. I look forward to seeing the results of your endeavor!