Sunday, 19 September 2010

In the Pipe..... Khurasan 15mm Sci Fi Vornids

Jon at Khurasan has brightened my Sunday afternoon with some Sci Fi botanical loveliness. Unfortunately, no, not Poison Ivy (left), but I'm sure she would make stunning addition to Jon's new 15mm Sci Fi range as a 'green' anti-heroine.  I'm talking about the botanicallly evolved and fully sentient Vornids!

The Vornids are 'Botanoids'. A species of flora that has evolved into sentient beings from carnivorous plants.

They "see" by shooting spores out from their single "eyeball". These 'spores' can accurately predict the location of their foes or prey for the Vornids to attack with bud-guns. These bud-guns are genetically bio-engineered weapons which fire vicious poisoned barbs.

The Vornids will come in over a dozen different poses including a chief, unit commander, two heavy weapons Vornids, and around nine different poses.

The mouths are separate, one cast shut, the other open, to increase the number of different poses that are possible.  Each pack will also come with multiple separate leaves, bunches of foliage, and flowers that can be attached to give them an overgrown and lush look.

I am really taken with the photos of these minis Jon shared with me, not least because of my fond memories of both John Wyndham's classic THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS and my small collection of 1970's  Minifigs' (true) 25mm Sci Fi Herbicus Neutron Stunner and Carniverous Fern.

The Vornids are still in developement and a little way off yet, but I'm already looking forward to them. I'll certainly add the Vornids to my wishlist as they'll not only be great for Space Opera Sci Fi but also schlock post holocaust Gamma World / Mutants and Death Ray Guns type games.


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