Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More USE ME Titles from 15mm.Co.Uk

15mm.Co.Uk has released three more titles for the USE ME game system.  Two are additional settings, with each book containing the core USE ME rules and a ton of setting-specific advanced rules and flavor.  The third is a support pack - optional mechanics for any of the core USE ME books.

From Barking Irons

UM011 USE ME Cyberpunk
USE ME author O.G.Joel penned this title following up upon his success with USE ME Post-Apocalyptic (does he have a thing for nightmare futures?) as he has an interest in Cyberpunk. Taking the fast play rules of the D6 USE ME engine suiting 15mm scale miniatures (though it will work with smaller or larger scales with ease) he has given wargamers the future city of Neo-London with all the facets you could expect to see in this genre from corporate ronin to hackers and bioware. Lead your characters into adventure or turn them into cyborgs dedicated to winning a war against the corrupt system.

UM013 USE ME Eldritch Horror
The world we see is nothing, an illusion, of banal normality that covers a richness of cosmic horror that would blind and destroy the minds of men and render them senseless in the gaze of things far greater and older than imagination can conceive. But despair not! We refer not to the real world but instead to that of the thirteenth (no coincidence!) title in the USE ME series... An Eldritch Horror.
This title was born out of a fire of creativity in only a few weeks in a joint effort by O.G.Joel and G.B.Syme and given the thirteenth code in the series, as befits it, in response to a growing number of wargamers requests for a simple system to cover this genre of cosmic horror. The D6 engine is fast play and well suited to 15mm scale miniatures. Lead your party of characters against cultists, against insidious forces and against the Elder Gods themselves...but will you or madness prevail?

UM010 USE ME Support Pack
USE ME means 'Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements' and the system delivers just that. This title is an expansion to the basic rules and does require a rule book to make full use of it. The USE ME Support Pack gives you a lot to add to your games!
Strategy 101, Tactics 101, Building the Props, Laying the Terrain Boards, City Fights, Historical, Modern, Sci-fi Fights, Weather in War.  Suitable for use with almost any system this title is best suited to use with UM001,UM002,UM003,UM004, UM005,UM008, UM011.
This expansion title began as a way to randomly generate terrain and such for the USE ME system of game titles in 15mm scale. Titles such as UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction and UM003 USE ME World War Two among others. It was also used in the testing for UM012 USE ME Alien Safari with a lot of success. After some interest by the Notables Yahoo Group in a game weather generator when the idea was mentioned in posts the word count expanded a bit. Then a couple of Notables mentioned how they were using the easily grasped USE ME system to introduce their offspring to Miniature War Gaming. This sort of tied the whole idea together for a war-game supplement. So here we are!

And don't forget, 15mm.Co.Uk is having a 15% off sale until 23 April.  It's a perfect chance to pick up a book or two along with some great and characterful miniatures!



  1. That USE ME Cyberpunk sounds pretty cool!

  2. Thanks for the favourable review!

    And yes, I *DO* have a thing for a dark future, as I am a great fan of STALKER, Wasteland, Fallout and similar post-apoc computer games, as well as cyberpunk films such as Alien(s), V for Vendetta and Blade Runner.

  3. Thanks Chris!

    Yes, three more titles in the growing series. All good stuff and all will be at Salute too ( is sharing the Alternative Armies trade stand). So anyone coming, come and see me, suggest some more titles to me for the series.

    The series owes a lot to Omer Golan who wrote the new Cyberpunk and also Eldritch Horror. I doff my cap!

    You can read all about each title on the website.

    Gavin Syme