Friday, 27 April 2012

Khurasan Miniatures releases Nova Respublic Python Suits

From Khurasan Miniatures:
"We are very pleased to release our latest code for the revolutionary Crimson Army of Nova Respublik, the PA-3 Python armoured suit.
This large suit is armed with four 20mm autocannons as well as a missile rack holding two heavy-anti-material missiles. It also has pneumatic debris punches mounted to its arms for clearing obstacles, and these are often used in close combat as well.
The image below gives some indication of the size of the models.

These are packaged in sets of two suits, with two different leg sets and arm sets (each in different poses), two cockpits and two missile racks.
In addition to being widely used in the armies of Nova Respublik, where they are crewed by the elite People's Grenadiers, Python suits are also widely provided to their satellites, such as the RPK (Raathist Party of Kym). Above are multiple views of two Python power armoured suits, one painted in Nova Respublik temperate camo scheme (green black and tan) and the other as commonly seen in RPK use, its green primer coat largely untouched, with only a hasty sand pattern painted on the shoulder armour plates. (And so, ironically, RPK Pythons are usually greener than Nova suits! However, Pythons deployed by the RPK Presidential Guard divisions are usually sprayed more extensively with a sand breakup pattern.)

A note on nomenclature -- we have chosen to use the FTN (Federal Threat Nomenclature) designation for this suit, the PA-3 Python. The official UPSR designation for it is Crimson Banner of Interplanetary Revolution but is little used for obvious reasons, the soldiers preferring to call it the Kaban (boar).
Designed by Steve Tyler, painted by Dags. Available now! It's code TTC-2409 in the Nova and RPK ranges."


  1. Looks pretty nice. Though I do wish people would stop using pennys/quarters/whatever form of coinage in photos for scale. Fair enough I'm in the U.K. so I can look at a 1p to see how big it is, but it was annoying when people used a quarter for scale, as I have no idea how big that is. What's wrong with a ruler.

  2. These are looking better all the time.

    They are crunchy enough too to look right at home on a near future battlefield using something like Tomorrow's War or something along those lines.


  3. That is a beautiful suit! Will fit in nicely in my GRUNTZ near future army.

  4. Annoyingly good, considering I thought the design model looked really really crap!

    Fits in nicely dare I say with armiesarmy troops

  5. Think the ideal fit is with the Nova Respublik and RPK troops.

  6. I will be using mine as 1st generation powered armour to support my Oddzial Osmy NVL mechanised infantry platoon mounted in Karbardin APC's from Antenocitis Workshop. I think that's a great looking combo.