Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rebel Minis - Drop Trooper and Kurgen Reinforcements

Rebel Minis has released additional packs for two of their most popular lines - the Drop Troopers and the alien Kurgen.  These packs will provide all the figures needed to build squads and platoons for almost any 15mm Sci Fi rules system.  

For the Drop Troopers, we have this pack of heavy weapons: 2 each missile launcher, autocannon, and sniper.

The missile launcher is just slightly different from the Earthforce Marines and Hardtops.  Even though Rebel Minis lists these forces under the same faction, it's quite easy to build independent (and opposing!) forces from each subset.  The autocannon is a great futuristic SAW equivalent, complete with overhand grips.  And the sniper's kneeling pose matches figures from both the infantry and command packs.  Need a spotter for the sniper?  The tablet/tricorder guy from the command pack would be perfect.

Then we have the Kurgen.  The original infantry pack made a pretty big splash when it was released - because what space opera gamer wouldn't want nicely-sculpted rubber-suit aliens?  But while the original pack did include a support weapon, the Kurgen still lacked the variety desired by so many gamers.  We now have this heavy weapons pack:  

It follows the same overall theme as the Earthforce packs: SAW equivalent, ATGM equivalent, and sniper.  I'll probably assign my autocannon warriors at the platoon level, and keep the heavy rifle from the main pack as the squad support weapon.  Or I could turn one of them into a flamethrower equivalent - the Kurgen would be fun in guncrawl-type games. :)

Then we have the command pack, which adds even more variety to the Kurgen arsenal.  I really like these blaster pistols!  

And all the 40K-in-15mm players might want to take a close look at them. It wouldn't be tough to convert the free hand to hold an Orky close combat weapon...


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  1. I will be picking up multiple packs of each of these! Great work Rebel!