Monday, 24 March 2014

Classic Vehicles Released In Resin

This week marks the release of two remastered Laserburn vehicles - the Glaive APC and Imperial Scout. These classic Space Opera rides have been remastered as resin kits and given new legs with the option of four different movement systems - tracked, wheeled, hover and anti-gravity. At the same time, a set of remote turrets have also been released to further accessorize these kits.

These kits are going to be available separately or in Mega Bundles. Each bundle will include five vehicles of the same type. You can then choose which type of mobility your bundle is equipped with. Each bundle will also include 3 packs of turrets and one pack of scouts. All these kits and the bundles also qualify for the 15% off Salute deal (until April 14, 2014) offers if you have the code.

For full details read - HERE.

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