Saturday, 1 March 2014

Titanium Dropship - Bob Alienard and Mercenaries for Squad leader Bulanda Starport tender for Vehicle Bulanda Starport for Combat Engineer

Bob Alienard and Mercenaries

Bulanda Starport Tender

AWu, from War is the H-word, also entered this "Bulanda Starport" entry but we ruled it to be a vehicle rather than scenery and thus didn't considered it for the competition. 


  1. They all look great especially the big guy at the back with the tiger shark like mottling on his skin :) Great little runabout that Tender is :)

    Love that shuttle as well despite it not qualifying as terrain

  2. Yeah, that mottled big guy is cool. The runabout looks fun, and I like the weathering on the shuttle.

  3. Love them. My favourite. Go Bulanda, go!