Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Prang and Skorath

New SHM Miniatures from 15mm.co.uk

By Eli

So, this time I get to report something a bit more personal. Many of you may know that I submit a lot of sculpting work to 15mm.co.uk for inclusion in their SHM range and I am happy to announce another batch has hit release.

First of all, are a full host of new Prang sculpts. From a single figure sculpted at the dawn of my sculpting, I've expanded this alien species to include troopers, leaders, techs and heavy weapons troopers.

Along with these froggy fellows, I also sculpted the Skorath. Armored alien for hire, the Skorath will make an excellent mercenary, bounty hunter, bodyguard, etc.. Perhaps team him up with the Razak, Gizbin, and a Trandan to form the ultimate hit squad or galactic bail enforcement team?

For info on all of these galactic hard cases, check - HERE


  1. Fantastic! I'll be adding all of these to my buy list.

  2. I really like the Prang I painted, these are good too. The goggles are a nice touch! The Skorath is an interesting sculpt too, I like his piggy nose and armour.

  3. Well done Eli! These are lovely sculpts.

    I am looking forward to seeing how wargamers paint them up and use them.


  4. These look fantastic! Both the paintjob and the sculpts.

  5. Bought the entire set of Prang plus a few extra for conversion purposes .
    I loves me some Prang.

  6. Eli, you are improving all the time. Good stuff, that!