Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Darkest Star Games: New Releases in the Spec-Spec Range

By Harold

Some really awesome releases from Darkest Star Games for their Spec-Spec line:

Lookie, lookie!  A couple of new releases for the Spec-Sec line have just been made available!
First off we have an opposition squad for those Spec-Sec elite responders to face down: an External Security Squad from the nation of Kepak.

These are some bad dudes.  In essence they are an elite unit of Kepakian Special Forces whose job is to rapidly intervene in developing situations on foreign soil.  The Kepakians prefer robotics to cybernetics (after a rather dreadful mass-population hijacking incident a dozen years ago or so) and as such include a pair of combat robots that have been stripped down to lessen weight and improve reaction time for CQB scenarios.  With the heavy armor removed from their torso, they now sport ballistic vests, much like their human team members.  The team is actually quite heavily armed, with the troopers carrying assault carbines with underslung multi-munition launchers and the combat robots armed with mulit-rifles.
The world of cybernetics and robotics evolves rapidly, and new discoveries and breakthroughs are often the result of individuals tinkering in their own homes and offices rather than the products of corporate development.  As such there are a large number of freelancers out there that sell their services to the highest bidder, and not all of their projects are the soft-and-fuzzy type.  Robear Medisi is one such individual:

Fond of wearing fashions that have looooong since expired, Robear has been busted for everything from committing back-alley illegal cyberwear implantations and "reclaimed" parts smuggling to drive-armor theft and deadly modification.  In fact, it's the last charge for which he is currently being sought for questioning.  A pair of Police Vantage drive-armors were stolen and apparently heavily modified.  According to Spec-Sec confidential informants, those drive-armors have been hidden somewhere in the city, striped down and given both jump-jets and heavier arm weapons by Medisi and are currently up for sale to the highest bidder.  
Dubbed the "Jackdaw" by these same CI's for their grey and black covering, it's only a matter of time before some nefarious ne'er-do-well hands over a wad of cash and goes on a rampage... 

All 3 of these releases are now available on the Spec-Sec page.
Stay tuned folks, there is more to come!

There are some incredible miniatures already released in this range, and I'd recommend heading over and checking them out!


  1. I have their colonist figures...Very nice! I think the mech-crawler is soon to be creeping around in Zamazonia.

    Thanks, Mr. H.

  2. Those SF-types look like they could make a great little merc-squad. There's something about them that vaguely reminds me of the good parts of Elysium (which wasn't a good film but had some nice visuals).