Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Titanium Dropship - "GZG Special" Prize(s)

As he mentioned in his interview, Jon, from Ground Zero Games, offered a special prize, on top of his contribution to the "regular" prizes, to an entry of his choice...

With so many exceptional entries, he was so hard pressed to make up his mind that he ended up offering two extra prizes!

So Cameron, from Cameron's Tiny Little Men, and Martin, from Fire Broadside, will both be getting a little something from Jon in the mail! 


  1. Awesome top news and well done guys!

  2. Thanks Jon! GZG is still my main supplier of 15mm stuff so I'm glad I can do the models justice. :)

  3. Congratulations winners!

    I'm glad I encouraged Cameron to enter something. It also confirms why I feel substandard when I place my painted stuff on the table across from his.

  4. Well deserved, the yellow mech is really nice.