Saturday, 1 March 2014

Titanium Dropship - Intergalactic Buns of Steel & Deconstruction Mech

By Lupulus.


  1. Buns of steel... hahahaha. They are pretty built. Who makes those, they're a nice change from the "steel skeleton" model of killer robots.

    As for that mecha cockpit, I am so stealing that technique.

  2. Nice work, The Mecha is just pure ace. The infantry's clear base look good what a neat idea.

  3. They look like PF sculpts to me, with painting inspiration from the Infinity Karakuri. Nice Stuff!

    Also, agree with Allison about the cockpit glass: very nice simple technique that I'll have to try out on my next vehicle. :)

  4. Appropriately sinister- I like the glass and safety stripes on the mech.