Sunday, 2 March 2014

Titanium Dropship - Third Places...

The judges ended up being two instead of three, but still managed to pick out the three very best out of each category! Not an easy feat, mind you, given the many wonderful entries! Many thanks to David "Dwartist" Woods and Steve Dean for accepting this daunting responsibility!

Without further delay: the third best entry in the Squad Leader category: SpacePrawn and his Omnisec Patrol!

I am awfully sorry: I mixed up two entries, the third place in the Vehicle Commander category is actually  Dave Pauwels, from Gasmask Journal and his Minotaur Class Super Heavy Grav Tank.

 And in the Combat Engineer category: Asgon and its Gothic Ruins!

Congartulations on making the Top 3. I'll contact you when I've published all winners to figure out which prize you'd want!