Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ground Zero Games preview...

Ground Zero Games recently released, among other things, some excellent resculpted Kra'Vak miniatures, revealing facial features that weren't previously obvious:

The next release for this range perhaps indicates that they're a little shy. 

Featuring the same 5 poses, the Kra'Vak will now be sporting some rather wonderful helmets! 

The current pack includes 2 each of the 4 rifle poses and for a limited time, 2 of the support weapon poses as a free bonus. This will also apply with the new helmeted figures and will continue until such time as there are enough support weapon poses for a pack of their own.

Available for the first time at the SELWG show in London this Sunday (11 October) and shortly thereafter on their website, here are a few preview shots:


  1. This seems like a good time to roll out this slightly older gem:


    The Rot Hafen Saga is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of fiction set in GZG's Stargrunt universe about the Kra'Vak invasion of human space and an allied human response. Lots of fighting, lots of juicy technical detail, and one hell of a planetary assault. Goes well with the purchase of Kra'Vak :)

    (and no, I had nothing to do with its creation - I just love reading about Fallschirmjaegers v. aliens)

    1. Thanks Lepp, I'll wander over and have a read.

  2. I had the great good fortune to play in one of the author's Stargrunt games at a GZGECC. He's a great guy and puts on one hell of a game. I read this as it came out chapter by chapter and I have decided it's time to treat myself to a re-read of the work in its entirety. You really can't go wrong with future warfare written by a current special forces operator...