Saturday 4 December 2010

INCOMING....... Khurasan 15mm Garn Flesheaters

One of Khurasan Miniatures latest Garn figures. A Garn hero/champion "Flesheater!" with heavy weapon. He's a big Muvva!

10mm wide, 22cm to the top of his head, fantastic beast armed with a fusion gun demonstrates the best that Khurasan can bring to the table! This guy is the Arnienator of the Sci Fi lizard world! Together with his pal who is carrying a flamethrower, these Flesheaters make fearsome oppositio.

Jon also sent me a Garn Hegemon. The Hegemon is a 20mm tall high command figure. A tech wizard studded with electronic optics, powerfists and shoulder mounted cannon. I'm finding it difficult to take a photo that anywhere near does him justice, because of all the gizmos that he's carrying. Will be a joy to paint.

If you wanted an alternative 'PREDATOR' the Hegemon is the model to choose. The shoulder mounted cannon screams "Get to da choppa!" In fact, Alien vs Garn - oh so do'able.

 With Christmas just round the corner and little time to choose, I'm going to order 3 packs of TTC-1102 Garns firing assault weapons and then see what else I want from the range.