Friday, 15 July 2011

S6 Engineering Closing its doors

The Dropship crew was saddened to hear that UK based producer of sci fi wargames scenery and accessories S6 Engineering has announced on it's website that:

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I am no longer accepting orders with the exception of the Gruntz Opaque tokens which I will continue to offer for a limied period.

All pending orders for other items will be fulfilled shortly.

There may be limited runs of new items offered from time to time - keep an eye on Dakka Dakka for announcements.


  1. That's sad.

    You know, it's times like this I really don't think we do enough for the guys that strike out alone. I've never bought anything from S6, although I do have a link to them at my blog and I've admired and mentioned what they make.

    Maybe bloggers need to do more even than that, to be more familiar with ranges and plug them when we can. Not to be like Tabletop Fix or Miniature Review, posting so often, but setting aside a post a month say.

    It might take us a little more time, but it means more competition and more choice, i.e. theoretically lower prices and better-suited things. In a sense we have a responsibility to all the gamers without a platform, in that we draw attention that might go elsewhere. I'll ponder how I might do it.

  2. Zachary Braham15 July 2011 at 22:42

    it will be sorely missed...