Thursday, 7 July 2011

SPOTLIGHT - ArtCrime Productions

ArtCrime Productions have exploded on to the 15mm sci fi scene with some very nice looking miniatures. So the Dropship Horizon crew tracked down head honcho Jimbo Burrell to bring you some exclusive intel.

Dropship Horizon: How did you get into the hobby and your chosen method of figure design?

Jimbo: Miniatures have been an interest of mine for over 25 years! It started with historicals but I fell in love with sci-fi being from the Star Trek/Star Wars generation. I worked off and on for Reaper Miniatures and helped design the CAV universe. This is just a natural progression for me to create something I can enjoy and be proud of. Our primary design style is of course 3D but we also have some great models being done by PF. People told me that infantry in this scale couldn’t be produced using 3D modelling; well I guess they were wrong!

Dropship Horizon: Are there other manufacturers or designers/sculptors you particularly admire?

Jimbo: Well having worked on CAV for so long I got to work with a lot of great modellers such as John Bear Ross and Niel Nowatzki. Currently models from Phil at CMG are really great, and Khurasan has some awesome models as well. I think 15mm has a great future, and we chose to do this scale to be part of that future.

Dropship Horizon: So what can Dropship Horizon readers expect from ACP Games in the future?

Jimbo: Well our little team hope to add more to the 15mm gameing universe in the near future! Our website is right around the corner and we will have a forum where players will be able to ask questions, let us know what they would like to see and post ideas for new models. Our future plans include our game Valkyrie, designed by Mike Rushing (with assist's by Glen Welch). We also have plans for a minimum of five alien races, starting with the Makat cyborgs, then onto the Hadai and the Va-lyn. We hope to do infantry, mechs and vehicles for all the races!

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