Thursday 21 July 2011

Brigade Models Summer Sale Continues!

The Brigade Models summer sale continues and now includes 15% off Brigade's 15mm, 6mm and Squadron Commander ranges (excluding rule books). It begins today and runs until Sunday the 24th of July. So if you fancy adding some of Brigade's 15mm range to your collection, now is the time to grab a bargain!


  1. Ooooo im gonna grab me a couple of 15mm Apollo hover tanks while they are still being produced in the slightly smaller scale and use them as light fast attack or medium reconnaissance tanks.

  2. Their hidden treasure is the bio's range. No one does anything else like Germy!

    Look at the 6mm bio-walkers as 15mm combat robots, I use them with GZG walker-vehicles and drones.

    The 15mm brain-bug is a must, as is the VTOL (also available in 6mm) usable in any scale, makes a great starship.

    You might find them familiar-.

  3. UNIT - Good point, I just ordered two Cimexian Bug 15mm VTOL for use as "alien biotech hover cars".