Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hotz Mats Changing Perspective

Once again Eric Hotz has changed the way we look at felt gaming mats.
Two new and innovative products were added to his shop this week!

First up, 2-D Felt Craters. Crater artwork, airbrushed to give a convincing 3-D look. Perfect for any scale.

Available in all the Hotzmat colours, these are that perfect sort of terrain that looks great yet requires the minimum amount of space for storage.

But the real surprise this week is the custom Ocean Front Game Mat....

This was a custom order; an 'ocean front overlay' that can be placed on top of a regular mat, creating a dramatic beach-head setting for any game.

From the Hotz website: "The customer... ordered the two mats at the same time, which made integrating the two mats easier. The ocean front mat had to merge with the terrain features (the craters) on the dirt planet mat."

If you are interested in ordering one of these custom mats, check out this link & contact Eric.


  1. That looks absolutely amazing. It'll put hover & grav forces to good use too.

  2. To see both the Dirt Planet game mat and the Ocean Front game mat used in a Sci-Fi game (1/285th scale), take a look at:

  3. It's beyond amazing. My jaw dropped when I saw it. That alien seacape is real genius. I absolutely love it.