Friday, 8 July 2011

Brigade Models Has Ambitious Plans for 15mm Sci Fi!

The Dropship recently caught up with Tony Francis of Brigade Models to hear about some ambitions plans for the company’s 15mm sci fi range.

Tony - Our 15mm range has been a bit static lately and we're currently considering where to go with it. Our models may be a bit on the small side compared to some other 15mm sci fi ranges. To that end we've decided to rescale the range to be more in line with other manufacturers. New models will be scaled around 20% larger than the current range, which hopefully will make us a bit more compatible with everyone else!

Initially we'll be concentrating on two new forces, converting the Neo-Soviets and Pacific Federation  models from our 6mm range to the larger scale. These are two of our more popular 6mm armies and provide a real contrast between high-tech grav vehicles on one hand and near-future, clunky tracked equipment on the other.

We also plan to go back and remaster the existing models at the larger size. This is a long-term aim as we have quite a substantial range, but we think it will be worthwhile. Some of the older designs will get a restyling at the same time. We're currently experimenting with digital sculpting and, if we're happy with the results, then the whole 15mm range will be created that way. Initial work has shown that we can master a model such as a 15mm tank much more quickly than by the traditional way.

I'm hoping that we might see something new by the end of 2011, or failing that in the spring of 2012.

The Dropship will bring you news and pictures of Brigade Models' new 15mm sci fi as it becomes available!


  1. Great news !!! It is true that there is some nice thing among their 15mm range but they really look small by now...

  2. That is awesome exciting news! I love my Neo-Soviets! Thanks, Tony, keep the amazing models rolling.

  3. I have a feeling the Neo-Soviets will prove fairly popular... ;)

  4. Yep, we reckon the Neo-Sovs might well go well ! They're the most popular army among the 6mm range at the moment. I just wish there were more hours in the day to get on with them ...

  5. This is great news indeed.

    There have been many rally calls for more "Russian" themed 15mm stuff in the 15mm scifi circles. Khurasan came on strong in this department and Brigade's stuff will provide a great compliment or alternative to these.


  6. Great News, i hope they convert the 6mm Power Armour, too!

  7. I'm really glad to hear that the PacFed are going get 15mm minis! I have a sizable 6mm army of those already and having been eagerly awaiting for them to be produced in 15mm as well.

  8. If I may offer an alternative view...

    There's already some neo-soviet vehicles out there on the market. Squishy organic alien tech, on the other hand, is in pretty short supply, so some revised biotech gear would be quite welcome. To me, anyways.

  9. With the planned 20% increase in size of the 15mm range i guess my Apollo hover MBT's will now be classed as light tanks. ;) zac

  10. Looking forward to the PacFed grav stuff.

  11. I'm delighted to hear that the range is being rescaled. There's lots of nice models but they many are simply too small to sit comfortably with 15mm figures and other vehicles now on the market.

    Having said that, the smaller size of some of the vehicles accentuates their automated or robo tank look.

    All the best