Sunday, 3 July 2011

Galactic War One unveiled

Blue Moon Manufacturing have announced the release of their 15mm sci-fi wargames rules Galactic War One  to accompany the company's exquisitely pulpy 15mm sci-fi miniature range. The Dropship crew tracked down one of the authors, Scott Pyle, to get the skinny on this new release.

Scott, Joseph Dragovich and Schuyler Hernstrom collaborated on this set of rules for Blue Moon Manufacturing's growing line of 15mm Sci-fi figures and vehicles.
A perfect-bound soft-cover book, Galactic War I weighs in at 96 pages and features colour covers and black & white interior illustrations by Chris Moeller. Layout work is by Karl Perrotton. Example unit records and a quick reference sheet, both designed to be copied & printed, round out the package.

Over the last two years of development and play-testing, Scott and Joseph's goals were to make this set of rules easy to learn, efficient and fun to play and yet allow two players to move lots of minis around the table, completing a game in a reasonable period of time. The background, concepts and flavour for the setting were very much the province of Schuyler Hernstrom.

Scott has produced three other game titles complementing Blue Moon's different minis lines, so it makes sense that Blue Moon's owner, Russ Dunaway, should call on Scott for a 15mm Sci-fi rule-set. But Galactic War I is definitely a departure from Scott's respected 'Goal System' game design; this is not a space-flavoured extension of the "Chaos In" series of games.

Galactic War I features a 3d6 opposed-roll mechanic, multiple figure basing and plays at the platoon to company level. Vehicles and walkers are a big part of the fun. A skirmish-mod allows games to be played out using the same mechanics but with smaller numbers of individually based minis. There is no campaign system, but an interesting 'Battle Zones and Scenarios' generator encourages you to fight out battles on exotic alien worlds featuring game-changing environments.

While GWI is intended to stand beside the Blue Moon line, a complete build-system allows you to stat-up and bring in 15mm minis from any manufacturer.
Co-author Joseph Dragovich has published some interesting details on his blog,check it out.
These rules are available now from Blue Moon or from Old Glory.

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