Thursday, 27 November 2014

BattleScribe files for Fireteam Andromeda

From Two Knights Publishing's Facebook Page:

"Today marks the day where Fireteam Andromeda - finally - has itself an armybuilder application! After a lot of trial and error, we're proud to present a Generic Platoon armybuilder for Battlescribe!

To get it for yourself, then you'll first of all need to download a version of BattleScribe.

Once you've gotten a hold of BattleScribe itself, then you simply paste in the following link to your data-repository for BattleScribe:

And then you're off to a running start with an armybuilder-application for use with Fireteam Andromeda.

Note that the Armybuilder does not include Profiles for your units, but will list all the upgrades and so on bought on your rosetsheet (still trying to figure out how to fix this) - but other than that it should work perfectly!

Feedback is, as always, more than appreciated as this is also a first for Two Knights Publishing :)"

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