Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Khurasan releases Vespulid Maggots

Khurasan Miniatures opens the hatchery and lets loose the Vespulid Maggots...

Our popular Vespulid range of sentient aliens resembling space wasps has just been expanded with a set of Vespulid Maggots, horrible sharp toothed worms that ravenously eat any meat put before them so they can mature into adult form Vespulid Warriors. The maggots are in fact the main reason the warriors launch their assaults on enemy positions -- to gather meat for these horrid larvae. In turn, the byproduct of Maggot digestion is the foodstuff of the adult forms -- a perfect symbiosis.

Many an enemy life form has been shocked into unconsciousness by the Vespulids' ion weaponry, only to awaken deep in the hive to find itself surrounded by approaching ravenous maggots, slowly crawling over on their little chitinous legs as solidly muscular necks stretch out and fearsome teeth flash….

The models are about 16 or 17mm long and there are three body poses. The mouth opening plus teeth is a separate part, also in three variants, so these can be added to any body, giving more pose variety.

We think these would make excellent dungeon lurkers or other fantasy creatures as well.

Available now, at this link -- thanks for looking:

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