Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Modular Terrain System Pre-Orders at The Ion Age

Eleven new 15mm Terrain pieces at 10% off list pre-order, three bundles of terrain with full set ups saving 25% off list prices, a free unique miniature in every order, reward points when you order for future use.  Our new offer is now online and its an awesome one.  Have a look and treat yourself to some of the finest 15mm sci-fi terrain in the world!  Offers open until 28th November 2014. 

Thanks for your time. 


IAF061 Command Dome
IAF043 Power Spire
IAF044A Straight Connectors (4 Pack)
IAF044B Double Length Straight Connectors (2 Pack)    
IAF044C Corner Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044D Three Way Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044E Four Way Crossroad Connector 
IAF044F T Junction Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044G Pressure Door End Connectors (4 Pack) 
IAF044H Turret Connectors (2 Pack)
IAF044I Hab Wall Connector Adaptors (6 Pack)

IAF044BU01 Habitation Outpost Bundle 30.00GBP (contains 37.00GBP of product!)
IAF044BU02 Habitation Base Bundle  60.00GBP (contains 75.00GBP of product!)
IAF044BU03 Habitation Colony Bundle  100.00GBP (contains125.00GBP of product!)

This is a major release for The Ion Age and constitutes a huge boost to terrain options on the tabletop. These pieces are some of the most clean and pretty castings of terrain I have seen in a while. For full info on the pieces and the pre-order go - HERE