Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Classically Fantastic Remasters Asgard Classic Adventurers

Like the headline reads, has continued its project of re-mastering and breathing new life into classic miniatures from the golden age of fantasy miniatures. This time around it is the brilliantly arranged and presented adventurers from the Asgard Miniatures from the 1970s.

Far from the extreme fantasy depicted in many ranges these days, these miniatures hark back to simpler, purer age of elves and warriors, barbarians and sorcerers. The range includes several depictions of what I think of as classic aadventuring types and even includes a trusty pack mule.

These figures are being released with an extra 10% off the packs and singles. You can get them all together in the skirmish pack, packs of several, or as single figures.

As always, for more info, head - HERE

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