Monday, 24 November 2014

GZG CHRISTMAS OFFERS NOW ON! (and New Weapon Team Releases!)

The highly anticipated GZG Christmas Offers are now available here:


RUNNING FROM 00.01 Hours on MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER to 24:00 (Midnight) on MONDAY 22nd DECEMBER 2014 - all by UK TIME.

Once again we are running our dual Christmas/New Year offer that has proved so popular for many years now - all qualifying* orders placed during the Christmas offer period will get TWO bonuses:

FIRSTLY a FREE CHRISTMAS GIFT BAG from us, enclosed with your order, containing our choice of free extra items as a Christmas Gift to you - those of you who have had these in the past will know that we enclose a generous mix of items which are mostly relevant to the sort of things you've ordered, plus sometimes the occasional item or pack from one of our other ranges if we think you might like it.
The amount of stuff you get in your freebie bag depends on how large your order is - a small order will get a free pack or two, a large one will get a positively bulging bag of free extras!

SECONDLY, all qualifying* orders will get a DISCOUNT VOUCHER valid from the beginning of January to the end of February 2015 - so that you can use it to order even more cool stuff with the Christmas money that you get from all those relatives who don't know what to buy you....
If the subtotal value of your order (excluding VAT and postage/shipping) is £30 or over, but less than £100, then you will get a voucher worth 15% discount off your New Year order; if the value is £100 or over, then you will get a 20% discount voucher!

*IMPORTANT: To be a QUALIFYING ORDER to receive the Christmas/New Year specials, your order must show a SUBTOTAL of £30 (30 GBP) or over at the checkout stage. This subtotal is the goods value EXCLUDING any VAT or shipping/postal charges. We have to do it like this because of the different shipping rates to various worldwide destinations, and the fact that some customers (UK and EU) are charged VAT while those elsewhere are not. Using the subtotal excluding VAT and shipping means that everyone ordering the same actual amount of goods qualifies in the same way, which is the fairest way we can work it out!

A couple of IMPORTANT NOTES about the Christmas free gift items:

1) Please DO NOT ask for specific items in the free gift bag - the choice of what to include is OURS, though we will always endeavour to choose items that we think will be useful and/or interesting to you! If you knew exactly what you were getting it would spoil the surprise, wouldn't it?

2) Please note that SOME of the freebie items MAY include a novelty piece or two from our "over 18s" adult collectable ranges, if you specifically DON'T want this (eg: if buying for a youngster, or if you simply don't like that sort of thing) then please tell us in the order notes - we don't want to offend anyone!


The last day for placing orders with us before the Christmas break will be MONDAY 22nd DECEMBER; any orders placed after that date will most likely NOT be dispatched until we re-open for business on MONDAY 5th JANUARY 2015.

The webstore WILL remain open over the break, so orders may still be placed, but they will not be processed until after the 5th January. The New Year discount vouchers will become "live" on the 1st of January, and just before this I will be posting full details on the webstore front page of how to enter your code to redeem your voucher. Please DO NOT try to use your discount vouchers before the 1st Jan, as the store will not accept the codes.

While orders will still be packed and posted right up to (and possibly beyond) the 22nd Dec, please note that we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas, because that is in the hands of the postal services!
If you have a last-minute order which you simply MUST have by Christmas, please contact me (Jon) by email and I can see what is possible using Special Delivery or Courier services - but note that this may incur additional charges.

If at all possible, I would STRONGLY recommend that if you want your goods to have a good probability of arriving by Christmas, then UK orders are placed before Friday 19th December, European orders before Friday 12th December, US/Canadian orders before Friday 5th December and any others (Australia, NZ, Rest of World) by the end of November!

Further updates, Sunday 23rd November 2014:

The four new 15mm packs that were released at WARFARE last weekend are now on the store here and available to mailorder! Check the Stargrunt 15mm PAU and Japanese pages, or simply click on the pics of latest items shown at the foot of this page!
SG15-P15       Pan-African Union weapons teams with Rotary Heavy Machineguns (2 teams each of gun, tripod mount, gunner and spotter, both in helmets)
SG15-P16       Pan-African Union weapons teams with RAM mortars (2 teams each of mortar, baseplate and two crew, both in helmets)
SG15-J15       Japanese Corporate Ashigaru weapons teams with Heavy Tribarrel Autocannons (2 teams each of gun, tripod mount, gunner and spotter, both in helmets)
SG15-J16       Japanese Corporate Ashigaru weapons teams with Multilaunchers (2 teams each of launcher, baseplate and two crew, both in helmets)

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