Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Eureka Sci Fi Germans - Support Weapon Choices?

My mate Eli of I See Lead People fame has received an email from Nic at Eureka regarding plans to extend Eureka's current pack of Sci Fi WW2 Germans with heavy weapons.

Eli has posed a topic on TMP here:

"New Heavy Weapon Troopers for Eureka Sci Fi WW2 Germans"

Nic is wondering what suggestions potential customers have for up to four heavy weapons, before the final decision is made and figures sculpted.

Eli himself suggests:

1) Panzerfausts armed troops.

2) Flamethrower.

3) Heavy anti-material/sniper rifle with scope.

4) "Death Ray"

Me? I think they'll be too vanilla for my Weird World War 2 tastes. But, a big F.O. retro flamethrower and a multi-headed or multi-exhaust Panzerfaust would be fine.

Pop over to TMP and have your say!



  1. I think the Panzerfaust and Flamethrowers are a good idea. But, they're heavily armoured and I can't see them as primary troops. Maybe heavy infantry, but I still imagine regular wehrmacht troops we all know and love fighting beside these guys after they're busted through the main resistance.

    So, my personal choices would be:

    1. Officer and NCO models
    2. Panzerfaust armed
    3. Flame thrower armed
    4. Panzerschrek armed
    5. Panzerschrek assistant (With an STG-44 and extra ammo for the Panzerschrek)
    6. STG-44 w/ early nightscope design
    7. A radioman (Would be a good idea, I imagine these guys being fairly elite and getting good equipment, such as platoon, or even squad level radios, instead of company level.)

    And another thought would be to not randomize the existing four designs, seperate the MG-42 armed model out so that it's available. This way if the organisation on some existing rules chart demands a certain number of MG armed models with a certain number of rifle models (E.G. FoW, Rifle teams are all rifles for 9-10 men/two stands, Rifle/MG teams are classed by 1 LMG per 9-10 men/two stands and MG teams have 2 LMGs per 9-10 men/two stands.)

    Actually, come to think of it, my list is way overpopulated and off topic. Lol.
    Revising it, I'd say
    1. Panzerfaust armed
    2. Flamethrower
    3. Pulling the MG-42 model out of the main pack and giving it a large ammo pack on it's back and a belt leading back to it.
    4. Anti-tank/material/etc rifle (Agreed on that, it's a good idea. A scope on it would be nice as well. I imagine it would be a semi-auto design with a 5-10 round clip sticking out nicely from the bottow. Like a PTRD rifle, but maybe shortened to cut down weight?)

  2. Very good for Gotterdammerung games too. German flamethrower teams move through the ruins of 1946 Berlin in support of German zombie packs advancing to break the Russian horde.

  3. A multi headed panzer faust would be cool and something akin to a Skycaptain type dirigible