Saturday, 12 December 2009

Life Work The Universe...... For You Christmas ist Verboten!!

The Xmas Silly Season is well underway! Workplace Christmas parties ahoy on every point of the compass - usually these days hosted at some organised "Bring a Drunk To A Party" event taking over hotel function rooms in a city near you - a sea of little black cocktail dresses, cloperty high heels, fake tan and glitter! All on a dancefloor the size of a pocket handkerchief.

Just as well, following announcements of additional job losses, plus the unexpected death of a colleague last week, we were instructed on Friday that under no circumstances were we to hold Christmas parties or celebrations in our offices, -6 on your Morale roll!

This scurvy pirate spent Friday night in the city partying with shipmates from various parts of the organisation till the early early hours. The flotsam of events of the past 6 weeks being washed away on a tsunami of Stella, Bloody Mary and Margerita!

Spent the night, or rather what was left of it in a 'posh' new hotel attached to a new shopping and entertainment complex in the city centre. This complete break from routine doing as much good for my NLP as the partying.

Saturday morning was surreal. The entrance to the hotel is on the first level of the complex and it was like stepping out into a scene from Mass Effect! Yo Sushi's neon signage cementing the Sci Fi feel. Breakfast was a latte at Costa, where I ran into Jacqui.

The train home rattled across a countryside settled in a deep frost, golden rays of sunshine glinting off a steel grey sea. When we turned inland the frost became heavier and at the entrance to my valley the breath of the Fire Dragon hung low and menacing like a living entity at the base of the hills.

Images of fantastical Dark Age armies, the Wolf Kings and Crow Lords ploughed through my head as we moved over an ancient rural landscape where lairds, kinship and tradition are still important. OK, OK, it's a sign - I MUST indulge in 'Dark Age' fantasy gaming next year. The Valley of the Fire Dragon WILL come to life on the tabletop using Age of Might and Steel! Which I haven't been able to get out of my head all week.....


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