Saturday, 26 December 2009

Life, Work, the Universe..... Xmas Day

Another beautiful day in the Frost Giant's lair

Breakfast, Bucks Fizz, exchange presents.
Clear and salt front paths,
grit pathways in back garden

Heather did a sterling turn as domestic goddess:

Smoked salmon & creme fraiche on blineys
roast partridge, stuffing, rost potatoes,
sausages wrapped in streaky bacon,

carrot and parsnip mash,
Tangerine & Brandy jelly.

Partridges ready for the oven

Dad turned up about 12.30; drinks, blineys, chat.

Lunch around 3pm, collapsed on sofa by 4.30!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

It's not Xmas without the 'Griswold Family Christmas'

Heather and dad gave me a complete surprise gift:
The GZG Grav Battle Force (#V15-BF4)

GRAV Battle Force: contains:
5 x Infantry packs (New Israeli option),

2 x Heavy Gunsleds,
4 x Assault Sleds (APCs),
2 x Light Gunsleds, 2 x Scout Sleds,
plus packs of accessories and weapon options.

I'm really grateful and delighted with this present - for several reasons. Not least, the thought put into it supported by the behind-the-scenes-"intelligence gathering" by that Mr Tuffley, the 007 of 15mm Sci Fi!

Paintwise - I'm stumped - I'm tempted to follow either the GW inspired Mars pattern XXI or Urban Rubble schemes. But I'm most definitely open to suggestions for a complimentary camo paint scheme from you guys.

Hope you are having a good Christmas.



  1. Jealous all around! Sounds like a wonderful day, Merry Christmas!

    Is the top pic the view from your house? Do you have room for a family of three? ;)

  2. Streaky bacon camo on those partridge looks most convincing!

    All joking aside, congratulations on a happy Christmas with family!


  3. I'm a fan of the Mars Pattern XXI camo, but it really comes down to what you enjoy personally.

  4. Can you post pictures of both paint schemes ?