Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Roll Out The Barrel: Late WW2 15mm Toms from FOW

Bought a pack of FOW BR812: British Guards Rifle Platoon (NW Europe) via Maelstrom Games which arrived along with a selection of Vallejo paints and basing textures ahead of the Christmas Hols.

The British Guards Rifle Platoon are EXCELLENT! FOW's photos don't do the miniatures justice. Full of character, helmets cocked to one side in that jaunty tipping a thumb at Jerry fashion, the Brens and riflemen simply ARE 1944 British Toms!

The Way Ahead (1944) has been on TV twice in the last week just as I got in the door from work. Each time I collapsed in the sofa, watched and enjoyed it - prompting me to order these minis.

Overall, these are THE best WW2 LW Brits on the market if you want character. OK, I'm disappointed that the PIAT gunner is sauntering - I mean WTF?, but I have lot's of spares to replace him with. The officers included in the pack are fine but not up to the quality of the privates in their posing, so I'll be replacing them with figures from Peter Pig's pack no.493 Brit LW Platoon Commanders and promoting those from BR812 to Company commanders. .

I would happily take these Toms out of a pure WW2 role to use in Gear Krieg or a Quatermass style pulp sci fi setting. But for Dr Who, or facing Nazi Zombies, then BR790 British 7th Armoured Motor Platoon still retain the edge, given you could easily imagine them as a 1940's/50's version of U.N.I.T.


p.s. I know one of the presents Heather will get me for Xmas - it's either FOW's Villers-Bocage or Montys-Meatgrinder (from the local Hobbycraft store) - so the Toms will come in handy.

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