Thursday 14 March 2013

Cataloguing 15mm sci-fi females

After the success of my guest post on buildings, Chris kindly offered me to officially joint the Dropship crew... Thank you, Chris!

I heard last week-end on the radio that March, 8th was International Women's Day and got this idea for my first "real" post here... And yes, I'm late: I was waiting for Khurasan to be back on line (like I couldn't use the Wayback Machine) and then needed some more time pulling my thumbs out of my ass!

As I'm afraid that cataloguing female 15mm sci fi players might have turned out to provide me with too little content, I choose to catalogue female 15mm sci fi miniatures instead.

Just like for the buildings, I elected to organise them in a couple broad arbitrary categories to bring some order into my madness... They're just that: an organisation tool, broad and arbitrary. By no mean do I intend to pin a given model in a given role nor to force my vision of things on anyone.

Khurusan Jellina Jo-eli 1 and Lily 6 (picture from the manufacturer website)

Troops i.e. miniatures available in several poses (either all female or just some of them) and usualy intended to function as a (somewhat) uniform (para-) military unit
Rebel Mini Black Widows Mercs (picture from manufacturer website)

GZG Civilians/Colonists (picture from manufacturer website)
Aliens, mutants, humanoid robots and other not-quite-humans
CMG Vadorian Assains (picture from manufacturer website)

  • CMG Mercenaries range has two packs of Vandorian Assassins, the first one is entirely made of (5) females, the second only has two (out of 5 minis)
  • Not too sure about the rest of Khurusan Alien Legion, but the upper right green riflething looks female to me
  • Two of the six C-3POish GZG Humanoid Bots are fem... Well they have breasts. Whatever robots might be using those for
  • More robots with tits at The Department of Fabriquant Management: not-replicants for your not-blade-runners to track
When dealing with aliens, it might be difficult to identify the female gender (if there even is such a thing for that given species), so I purposefully left those (except for very humanoid ones) out of this catalogue, leaving each player to decide for himself what gender his favourite mass of tentacles or blob of goo is. The same goes for bulky (power) armours, they might just be female crewed but fall out of the scope of this post (just like a MBT might be female crewed and yet not quite qualify as a female model). The bottom line was that a model needed humanish visible female secondary sex characteristics (i.e. boobs) to figure in this listing.

Finally, I don't own every single pack of 15mm miniature ever produced (but I'm working on it) and I've written this based mostly on the pictures available on the manufacturer's websites. They might perfectly be some more girls hiding in other packs that I missed. Don't hesitate to let me know.


  1. Khurasan has reorganized his Federal Army packs, but the females are still there.
    There is a riflewoman at the far right of the bottom row here:
    and 3rd from the left here:

    The difference is pretty subtle though. They just have slightly bulkier chest armor, which you wouldn't even notice unless you looked hard at a male and female soldier side by side.

  2. Desiree Kim is probably my favorite 15mm sci-fi mini regardless, male/female/alien/other. I don't have Tornado Teacup (probably my 2nd favorite) but only because I'm pretty sure my all-thumbs paint job would be a fail on something so small.

    1. Desiree Kim (aka not-Alyx) and Not-Gordon-Freeman are the bloody FINEST sculpts in this scale I have ever seen. Jo-eli and Lily 6 shown above look just as good. I don't think that very many people could paint them well enough to really do them justice.

    2. Tornado Teacup colour picture:

  3. Might want to move the Splintered Light space crews up to the character section, since they are not at all the Firefly crew.

  4. Laserburn line have several females.

    Better photo of one of them (On right. Left is Plastic Soldier Soviet Company Nurse, Middle is GZG Colonist)

  5. Several of 08's Neo-Pole packs have female figures. To their credit, you don't really notice them unless you look very closely, because they are wearing the same bulky body armor as the male.