Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Watercraft, Street Furniture and Steampunk Adventurers

By Chris

Some new releases for the week. First, The Scene added  seven new items to the Water Craft range. It's a nice little variety - a landing craft, an empty barge, a junker, some fan-driven swamp boats, and a few enclosed river boats that are just screaming "post apocalyptic pirates."

Mike promises even more additions to that range in the coming future - including hover and grav versions of several existing watercraft. It's definitely time to consider making a river or swamp table.. something for those GZG Crusties, Blue Moon Aquans, Khurasan Myzontids, or 15mm.Co.Uk Octopods to fight over. 

*     *     *     *     *
Khurasan Minis has expanded the modern/future terrain range.

For street furniture, there are two vending machines (which are just begging to be painted as Slurm dispensers), some modern barrels (great for biohazardous waste), a street lamp, some really cool looking crates, a bench, and a street-sweeping robot.

On the starship/building interiors side, there is a control chair/station and bank of cryo pods:

These would be great additions to your chosen set of starship corridors and rooms, or inside laser-cut buildings from Mad Mecha Guy, CorSec Engineering, or GameCraft Minis

*     *     *     *     * 

For all you VSF and Pulp gamers out there - Rebel Minis' first pack of Steampunk Adventurers is now available.

15mm will be a great scale for these types of games - these figures would work in the Wild West, crawling through Egyptian pyramids, or exploring islands filled with rogue dinosaurs. I could even see these figures finding a place in narrative Space Western campaign settings.


  1. Wow, those steampunk figures will fit perfectly into my 15mm "Murdoch Mysteries" game ;)

  2. Mmm, these terrain pieces look great. Got to have these.