Saturday 2 March 2013

QUICK LOOK: Combat Wombat ZHI-111 Chinese Assault Lander

By Harold

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second installment of "Quick Look."

Today, I'll be looking at the Combat Wombat ZHI-111 Chinese assault lander, available at for $11.

This went together very easy.  It also included one of his turned brass barrel (which is very nice) and a mount for it, but I decided to use mine as an unarmed version so I left it off.

There were some slight bubbles especially in the engine intakes but it didn't really take away from the model, but it did require a little bit of work to clean it up

Also, I had a weird issue where the bottom of the model came off as a big, flat piece of resin.  It required a little bit of sanding and I needed to glue it back on, but in the end it was really easy to remedy. Otherwise it was a very nice, clean casting.

For $11 it's a great shuttle model, something that really fills a niche.  There aren't too many shuttle models available out there, and this is quite a nice one.  Reminds me a little bit of the raptors from the new Battlestar Galactica series (one of my favorite shuttle models).   You could easily fit a squad of 5 and a pilot and co-pilot.   Or, use it in a Firefly-type scenario as the transport from the main spaceship.

Here we have it painted up, I think it'll be useful in all types of scenarios.  This was my first order with Combat Wombat and I look forward to my next (I'm pretty sure I need the Bullfrog!)!


  1. Coincidentally, this week I received a parcel from Combat Wombat that included this model and the Bullfrog, and I can endorse everything you have said, Mr. H.

  2. This is a great set of articles so far, H. Keep them coming!

    I love the painting on the shuttle. It's a neutral enough design that it could be used as military and civilian with little or no changes.


  3. Quote Eli: This is a great set of articles so far, H. Keep them coming!
    Agreed very enjoyable and easy on the eyes reading...

  4. I like your paintjob, I can see this being a common-as-muck workhorse vehicle.

  5. Where I wasn't convinced by the miniature, I am by the paintjob. Nice review!