Monday, 11 March 2013

Cultists, Spider Bugs, and Spartan Tanks

by Chris

15mm.Co.Uk has added two more packs to the sinister HOF Cultists range. The Speeders look wickedly fast, and have that perfect ramshackle appearance that I've been envisioning for the Cultists. And the Holy Guard look like the perfect enforcers for the Cult. One can imagine these performing the most unsavory of deeds in a spaceport or colony setting, or maybe "enforcing the rules" among other Cultists.

HOF74 Cultist Heavy Weapons

The miniatures in both packs (as with the entire Cultists range) are also available as single castings.

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Rebel Minis has added the Spider Bug to the Sci-Fi Bugs and Creatures range. This is another product from the ex-Mongoose Starship Troopers range. Its legs are flexible enough to reposition; you could build 3-5 of these and they will each look like a unique sculpt.

It's great that Rebel Mike acquired these molds. Even though they were originally designed for 28mm, they work really well as big beasts in 15mm sci fi games. A handful of these are all you need for a single army - ambushing a convoy or invading a small settlement. I could even see these as being attack beasts in the employ of a sentient bug race - like the Rebel Manth or Highlander Studios Space Bugs.

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ArtCrime Productions will be releasing the Spartan Battle Tanks this Wednesday, March 13.

Available in tracked (Spartan-T) and hover (Spartan-H) configurations, the Spartan promises to be 78 tons of mobile destruction. In the Valkyrie universe, the Spartan is used by both the Nationalists and the Federalist factions of humanity. And it would look great alongside many other figure ranges, too. The tracked version especially has that near-future appearance desired by so many 15mm SF gamers.


  1. Ooh, that grav version of the Spartan looks sweet ass. As usual the stuff seems a bit blobby but you can't beat their amazing range. If you need something sci-fi in 15mm, they probably sell something at least a bit like it.

  2. The Holy Guard Cultists look like evil father Christmases the way they have been painted up, now if i can find my old GW Santa claws figure i can use it as a demi god, i might be getting a few of these to start up a new cult...

  3. The grav-tank would make a decent substitute for the Terran Authority HALO for Hammer's Slammers.

  4. Hello Chris,

    Thanks! Great news round up.