Sunday 31 March 2013

GZG Salute Preview - More Civilian Vehicles

Continuing from the first preview which introduced the industrial mechs -

The COLONIAL RANGER and COLONIAL ROVER light/medium truck series:  designed and sculpted by MMG.


Built by the ground vehicle arm of Colonial Technologies Corp at many assembly plants throughout the core worlds and the inner colonies, the COLONIAL RANGER and COLONIAL ROVER designs are part of a linked series of standard-pattern vehicle types designed for strength, long-term reliability and ease of maintenance; they are among the most common ground vehicles encountered on settlements throughout Human Space, with even the smallest of outrim stations and outposts usually having a number on their transport rosters.

As well as their many private and business uses, the Ranger and Rover families are commonly employed by many Colonial Defence forces and militias for logistics, recce and communications duties, and often as ad-hoc troop transports where armoured vehicles are unavailable.All the vehicles in the Ranger and Rover families are driven by simple, rugged and fully interchangeable in-hub electric motors with power supplied from multiple high-energy cells which can be quickly removed and swapped out for recharging.

The COLONIAL RANGER 4 and COLONIAL RANGER 6 are, respectively, 4x4 and 6x6 versions of the same design - a rugged all-terrain light truck with excellent mobility, available with many different body/loadbed variants (some standard, some locally-built to suit particular needs). The Ranger models do not generally have pressurised cabs or bodies, and are designed primarily for use on worlds with breathable atmospheres and broadly Terran-type environments.

The COLONIAL ROVER is a larger 6x6 medium-weight transport truck with a higher load capacity than the Ranger series, but using many of the same interchangeable mechanical parts. The Rover has a fully pressurised extended cab module designed for up to 4 people at maximum occupancy, or 2 with cramped but functional sleeping accommodation for longer-duration operations. The Rover series is 
commonly used by mining and surveying teams, but many are also found in local military organisations as logistics vehicles and even as weapon carriers or towing vehicles.



The Colonial Ranger 6 (6x6 light truck) will be available in THREE versions - a box cargo body, a passenger-carrying variant (normal capacity 8-10 people, 2 in the cab and 6-8 in the rear body) and a pickup or light cargo truck version with an open load bed. The load bed on the open variant is ideal for seated troops (with or without a standing gunner or two), or as a mount for a heavier weapon and crew.

The Colonial Ranger 4 (4x4 light truck) will be available in TWO versions - a box cargo body and a passenger-carrying variant (normal capacity 6 people, 2 in the cab and 4 in the rear body).

The Colonial Rover (6x6 medium truck) will be available in TWO versions - a box cargo body and a cargo truck version with an open load bed. The load bed on the open variant is ideal for seated troops or as a mount for a heavier weapon and crew; both the Rover versions also make excellent towing vehicles for other guns or heavy equipment.


  1. The Rangers look like a nice ride for those lower-tech civilian-abusing occupation forces (eg. Riflethings) who don't need much armour.

  2. I think these will find a nice home with my near future JGSDF and ESWAT forces along with the construction mechs (labors)

  3. Thought you might like these vehicles.

  4. These Rangers make up some excellent low cost transports.
    But with the large light it can also be part of a police force.

  5. he Ranger is the green vehicle. The Rover, which displays the spot light, is the the larger blue one.

    1. Yes, I know. But since they are from GZG I hope they bring out the light seperately as an accessory so I can put it on a ranger.

  6. They look totally excellent !

  7. Something else to fork out for- I just have no restraint!

  8. Nice! From where I'm sitting these babies should be very useful in many a spine tingling scenario.