Wednesday, 20 March 2013

QUICK LOOK: Gamecraft Miniatures Spaceship Consoles

By Harold

Well, on this installment of "Quick Look" I'm going to be a little biased, since I actually designed these  Gamecraft Miniatures spaceship consoles.

I've had these designs for a while, but never had a chance to learn the mold making and resin casting skills to sell them myself.  I teamed up with GameCraft miniatures, through their "Sell your stuff" program and they are now able to offer these for sale.

With that disclosure out of the way, on to the good stuff!

Gamecraft Miniatures, Spacecraft Consoles,
available from: for $12 USD

The resin casts were very clean, and really reproduced all the little detail in the buttons and such.  I took a light file to the bottom edges, just to clean them a bit, but other than that I didn't have any cleaning to do.

I then rinsed them in warm water and dish soap, just to make sure all the release agent was off.  I was lazy with these and didn't even prime them, I just painted Citadel foundation paints straight on.  I then washed them with Army Painter Strong Tone, and then, using a brush that was kinda squished flat, I drew the paint over the buttons with yellows, reds, blues and other colors. I then went back with the foundation paint and painted in between the buttons to clean up.

Anyways, here are my painted samples:

Besides spaceships, these would be useful in supervillain lairs, nuclear power plants, and government research stations.  And other things too!   I hope you guys like them, it's cool to see something come to market that I designed myself.


  1. Wow, they might want to reduce the humidity around that first console, that's some serious corrosion ;)

    1. Haha, it's originally orange in color, often in cargo and engineering areas without scrupulous attention to cleaning and maintenance carbon building up can be extreme!

  2. These look great painted up, I was on the fence about them from the plain resin pics, totally sold now. Thanks for the review (and designing them in the first place)!

  3. Your enterprising streak is going to pay-off, Mr. H.! Neat and useful stuff.