Saturday, 16 March 2013

Product Review - GZG Darghaur and Crusty Civilians

By Eli Arndt

A while back I received a couple of sample review packs from Jon at GZG for some of his new alien offerings and I thought it was time to review them.

The first of these was TW15-DG01 "Darghaur ten-pack". This pack of figures is a sort of sampler bag of the basic Darghaur figures and contains ten figures and sprues of separate heads depicting the various Darg ranks. The pack contains 7 poses armed with their basic combat weapon, 2 with their heavy weapon, and one with their SAW-type weapon.

This pack allows you to build three fire teams based on the Darg's TO&E from the upcoming alien and special forces supplement for Tomorrow's War "By Dagger and Talon". It also allows a single leader type for the overall unit. Other packs are going to be released in the future.


The sculpts are nice and clean as is expected from Ground Zero Games. The weapons are clearly detailed and the aliens armor and anatomy come through with little effort. One thing that might catch some gamers off guard is that the Dargs don't seem to have any visible sensory organs and only have horns or sawed-off stumps of them on their heads. This is evidently how they depict rank. The sprues for the heads are nicely arranged and the heads easily popped off without any tools and had little sockets to glue into on the bodies.

I have to say that I really enjoy these aliens. They seem to inhabit that subtle line between truly alien humanoid enough to be accessible to us human folk. They have two arms, two legs, and a torso, but that's where the resemblance ends.  

The second pack of aliens was a rare treat when it comes to scifi figures let alone aliens - CIVILIANS!

SG15-X16 Crusty Non-Combatants is a pack of eight (8) figures in four (4) poses and represents a sampling of ordinary civilian Crusties. The figures really seem to depict a day in the life with the poses being quite neutral and suitable for everything from background characters, to refugees, or even objective markers for scenarios. 

I have included Jon's catalog picture to give a nice crisp look at the figures but I've held them and look at them and I feel these figures are full of character. From the playful juvenile to the very young being carried by and adult down to the kneeling figure getting into his satchel (would make a good tech) they all succeed in putting a "face" on what might otherwise be a faceless alien menace.

Details are crisp and there was minimal work needed to clean these up. I think the worst I had was a bit of mold venting that needed to be clipped off but there were no mold lines or flash.


  1. Those look great...something else to buy

  2. Good to hear there will be more Darghaur
    they took my atention some time ago

    And I fully agree that alien civilians are rare gift !
    (probably small intrest make them undoable for most of the time ;(
    While crusytie civilians are iconic enough to warrant investment risk..