Sunday, 17 March 2013

QUICK LOOK: ACP Games Spartan Hover/Tracked Tank

By Harold

Available from:
3 for $48 for either the Tracked or Grav Version.

Hi everyone, Jimbo over at ACP Games sent over one of his new Spartan Hover/Tracked tanks (along with some other surprises that i'll be looking at soon!) for me to take a look at.

First off, I think this is one of my favorite grav tanks. I love the style, and the way the grav plates are modeled.  Also, the castings were very clean with no print lines that I could see and only slight cleaning needed.

Here is the tank before painting...

All the pieces laid out.  The round dish in the bottom corner, above the base, is the "Mother Bear" command antenna.  There are two gun options (shown on the left).

The Tracks.  These are really nice, and If I was more patient I probably could have used magnets to switch them out.  But I ended up just gluing them on.

These are the grav plates, which I really like.

I converted the hatch by removing the rider that was in there.  I see this tank as something that could be orbital dropped, so they need to be buttoned up.

The nice metal base.

Here are some pictures of the completed tank:

And here is the painted version.  I primed it with a satin metal, then I used masking to cover the primer after I put a layer of matte varnish.  Then I sprayed with black primer.  After that I used Dark Tone from Army Painter.  I followed that with some highlighting, painting the windows and decals.  I forced my buddy to paint the grav engines, since I like how he does them.

I really like this tank, I'll be ordering a couple so I can have an orbital drop platoon, really get the "drop" on the enemy!


  1. Excellent work, Harold, as always. Looks like a nice model, and for me, especially the Grav version. For some reason I hate painting tracks! It's on the birthday list, if I can be patient.

  2. She's a beauty, both paint and sculpt. Great job, gents.

  3. Lovely work, both the model and the painting. The grav plates came out looking amazing!


    Just saying... ;)

  5. FYI - when you order the three pack, you get two closed hatches and then a choice of one of two open hatches ( one with a Federalist tripper and the other with a Nationalist trooper). These are some of the cleanest resin castings that I have ever seen. You can't go wrong with this kit!

  6. Thanks everyone! And just to mention, I think you get EITHER the tracks or grav plates, not both when you order.

  7. Wow, gotta love your painted grav tank. Nice paintjob!