Monday, 27 January 2014

Critical Mass Games Discontinuing Buildings and Terrain This Month

As sad as I am to say it, but this is the last week we'll have the Critical Mass Games terrain available to us.

To make room for new products, CMG has decided to discontinue their terrain and buildings lines. They will remain available until January 31st, 2014. Until they are gone, they are offering Free shipping on all orders over £50.


  1. It's indeed sad, CMG has one of the nicest terrain ranges out there for 15mm. The details are just astonishing, especially on the buildings.
    I already picked up a some things that I had planned to buy in the future.
    With the Old Crow buildings gone and CMG quiting their terrain range it doesn't look very good for 15mm. Of course there still is Blue Moon, GZG and Brigade as well as a lot of lasercut terrain. But somehow it doesn't feel the same.

  2. Those were a great hybrid build. I made the surface details, and the CMG lads made the walls and structures.


  3. I also am sad to see this range go, so many options in it. But The Ion Age will expand its own range of terrain continually and hopefully fill some of the gap as I am sure others will too.